Okolo Music


I am a true musician at heart. I don’t play the violin, piano or drums. Even though those instruments are super cool, I grew up using a different instrument - my voice.  The raspy tone flowing from my vocal chords is feminine, sexy, hardcore, digestible and goes well with any instrument. 

You will enjoy listening to my music, not because I have corporate music giants behind me, but because my music is REAL and MY form of creative expression - custom created to share with you!  What I spit provides you with a little piece of Oakland, CA...wherever you are.

Writing and recording are the most enjoyable aspects of the creative process.  I am a poet and every lyric I write is a poem.  I love HIP-HOP and have had a love affair with this art form well before it became the popular thing to do. Performing is the other aspect of creating that I love!  The opportunity to create and then perform for you validates to me that my talent resonates with who really matters, the people.  ~ OKOLO